Peter Henderson

Executive Coaching . Team Coaching . Meeting Facilitation . Career Coaching . Personal Coaching

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Peter started Henderson Leadership Advisors to help people build more effective relationships at work and at home. He works with organizations and individuals to help people reach their potential and become better leaders.

As a Coach, Peter works with executives and teams across a wide range of sectors including healthcare, technology, software, professional services, and non-profits. Peter also facilitates strategy and offsite meetings for Boards and executive teams and consults with companies to align strategy, mission, and values.

Peter’s personal coaching work focuses on helping people reach goals, manage personal and professional transitions and improve relationships.

Prior to starting Henderson Leadership Advisors, Peter spent 25 years as an executive at both large Fortune 50 and venture/private equity-backed companies, including McKesson (now Change Healthcare), ShapeUp (now Virgin Pulse) and PatientKeeper (now part of HCA).

Across his career, Peter led the successful launch of 15 new products and services. Peter's operating leadership and expertise includes: cross-functional team development, human resource management, post-merger integrations, customer experience and value assessment, product management, messaging, positioning and storytelling, new product innovation, metric measurement and personal and professional coaching.

Peter holds an M.B.A from Dartmouth Tuck School of Business and a B.A. from Dartmouth College. (He is currently pursuing an MA in Psychology part-time.)

Peter is a certified Executive & Team Coach and is affiliated with Corentus.

Peter holds additional certifications including: Leadership and Transformation (CTI), Negotiation and Leadership – Master Level (Harvard Law School) and Business Strategy and Artificial Intelligence (Sloan School at MIT).

Peter serves as a Board member at ResearchILD, a non-profit dedicated to helping children learn effective executive functioning learning skills.