Executive Coaching . Team COACHING . Meeting Facilitation

Career Coaching . Personal Coaching

Executive Coaching

Just as athletes’ practice to improve, Executive Coaching helps leaders see what they cannot by themselves. We work with you to help assess your strengths and weaknesses as you see them and as others perceive them. We work together to overcome barriers while leveraging the strengths of others to reach your full potential and achieve your goals.   

Team Coaching

Most teams struggle at some point with issues of accountability, decision making, communication, conflict management, trust and respect. Even the best teams benefit from an outside perspective. Team Coaching helps improve team effectiveness.

Our approach is simple and effective and includes data to help teams see where they can improve. We teach tools that the entire team can use to work better together and we assess improvement over time.

Meeting Facilitation

How many hours have you wasted in meetings that are poorly conceived and do not produce tangible results? Meeting facilitation helps you ensure that important meetings meet their objective.

Often leaders try to play multiple roles during meetings which can be confusing.  It can be helpful to have a neutral party facilitate difficult conversations or to ensure everyone’s input is received. Having someone facilitate the design, execution and follow-up of important meetings can make all the difference in driving desired outcomes. We offer meeting facilitation services to help you stay on track and deliver desired outcomes. When goals are met, everyone celebrates.

Career Coaching

Maybe you want to take the next step professionally and don’t have a plan to get there.  Maybe you are hitting the wall in your current job and want to make a career transition or change. Career Coaching helps you position and package your values, strengths and interests to match career goals and aspirations.

We often hit periods in our career where we need help to take the next step. Our Career Coaching process is designed to help you face new challenges and take risks with confidence and excitement.

Personal Coaching

Are you proactively designing the life you want? Are you building strong and collaborative relationships? Are you developing new skills? Personal coaching helps you be more effective or more satisfied in life and work.

Our Personal Coaching is designed to help you embrace your fears, see what is possible and live more powerfully. Personal coaching is designed to help you become more resourceful so you can focus on what is possible to create stronger relationships, make better choices and reach your full potential.