Peter Henderson

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Executive Coach

Team Coach


Peter helps organizations and individuals align personal and professional growth objectives. He is passionate about developing people and building effective teams.    

As a coach, Peter is skilled at assisting individuals and professionals to reach their potential as well as working with management teams to optimize their performance.

As a consultant, Peter leverages his product marketing expertise to help companies determine customer needs and value, tell effective stories and develop customer engagement programs that are aligned with company purpose, messaging and product positioning. 

Peter has more than 25 years of operating experience as a business executive. He has broad domain knowledge and is a proven leader across both Fortune 50 and small venture/private equity-backed healthcare software and services companies. 

Peter's leadership experience includes operational roles as COO, EVP, General Manager and Vice President across six corporate executive teams. Across his career he has worked for McKesson (now Change Healthcare), ShapeUp (now Virgin Pulse), PatientKeeper (now a subsidiary of HCA), ChartOne (acquired now part of CIOX Health), HPR (IPO, acquired by McKesson), Codman Research (now Healthtech Services) and JPMorgan (JPMorganChase). 

Peter's functional experience includes expertise in human capital development, post-merger integrations, executive and team coaching, messaging, positioning, storytelling, customer experience development, product innovation, metrics and value assessment, and new market development.

Across his career, Peter led the successful launch and growth of 15 new products and services.

Peter is a lifelong learner with certifications / continuing education in:

TEAM coaching

executive coaching

Negotiation and Leadership

Business Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

Leadership and Transformation

Peter is a Board member of Research ILD, Lexington, MA.

Peter has an MBA from Tuck Business School at Dartmouth and a BA in History from Dartmouth.